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Reschedule, Unschedule, or Cancel a Trip

Find out how to reschedule and unschedule a trip for guests

This article describes how to cancel, reschedule, and unschedule trips.

To reschedule and unschedule customers, you are required to have the rebooking permission. If you do not have access, please contact your administrator before proceeding. 

  • Rescheduling a trip allows you to move your customer's booking to a new date and time. 
  • Unscheduling a trip is a unique feature to accommodate guests who don't know when they want to reschedule but would like to keep their booking. Unscheduling the trip can save the booking without canceling or moving the booking to another date until they are ready to reschedule.
  • Cancelling a trip is used when the guest no longer wishes to complete the reservation, and usually is the first step toward issuing a refund.

Examples that might require an unscheduled booking may be:

  • A customer has an extenuating circumstance and they don't know when they want to reschedule. 
  • A customer is having an unexpected medical emergency and they don't know how long their recovery will last.  
  • A customer has additional guests they want to add to the trip but they don't know their guests' availability yet.

Reschedule a Trip

Rescheduling a trip to another availability will save all the booking details on that trip and move them to another date and time. This includes the prices of any add-ons, products, or additional guests. 

To reschedule a trip: 

  1. Locate the customer's Trip.
  2. Click the small pencil icon in the upper right corner.1622605304586-1622605304586.png
  3. A rebooking calendar will appear to select a new day for the rescheduled trip. 
  4. Click the Choose button on the day you want to reschedule the trip. The current day will be highlighted yellow and the date and time of the current booking is stated beneath the customer's name and specific Experience
  5. Once you have selected the new day, the Choose a Date & Time menu will pop-up. Depending on your Experience options, there may be multiple timeslot options to choose from in this menu. 
  6. Select the new timeslot underneath the Choose a Date & Time menu. 
The trip will be moved to the newly selected timeslot.

Unschedule a Trip

Unscheduling a trip keeps the booking information until the customer is ready to reschedule. Unscheduling a trip releases resources and timeslots for other customers to book. It also gives the unscheduled customer additional time to figure out the best date to rebook their experience

To unschedule a trip: 

  1. Locate the customer's Trip.
  2. Click the small "x" icon in the upper right corner. This will unschedule the trip.

When the guest is ready to reschedule their booking, click the Choose Date & Time button to reschedule their booking.Delete

Cancelling a Trip

Cancelling a trip is usually the first step toward a refund. Cancelling a trip is irreversible, so should only be done when you are certain that the guest will not reschedule.

To cancel a trip: 

  1. Locate the customer's Trip.
  2. Click the Cancel button at the bottom of the booking.

In the confirmation screen, choose Cancel Booking.

The customer's trip is now cancelled. Any resources and availability that were previously used by this trip will now be released, and are available for use by new customers.
The subtotal for the trip will now be reduced by the value of the cancelled trip. As a result, you may want to issue a refund for your customer. To learn more about refunds, learn how to Refund a Payment.

Notifying the Guest

After rescheduling or unscheduling a booking, it is recommended that you send a confirmation message to update the customer on the new schedule changes. This ensures that the customer has confirmation of the rebooking status. Learn more on how to send a rescheduled or unscheduled confirmation message to your customer.

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